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Welcome to the AHS / SILSA website. We hope that you will take a moment to enjoy our new site. If you would like to learn more about our programs or become involved, please email us at .

Next PTO Meeting is September 19th at 5:30pm in the Alumni Center.

Mini-Grant Winners Announced!

The AHS / SILSA PTO would like to congratulate the following recipients of our mini-grants for the 2015-2016 funding cycle:

  • SILSA English, Ariel Robinson – Vocabulary Workbooks
  • SILSA Math, Laura Parks – Office supplies for making Toolkit Notebooks
  • SILSA Math, Emily Bryant – Office supplies for making Toolkit Notebooks
  • SILSA Math, Tera Smith – Office supplies for making Toolkit Notebooks
  • AHS English, Becca Mericle – Expand the Jounalism Program
  • AHS Science, Amanda Schoonover – GO!Motion Vernier Motion Sensors
  • SILSA Science, Cindy Byron – Lab Materials
  • SILSA Science, Mr. Deters – Lab Materials
  • SILSA Science, Mr. Kotchmar – Lab Materials
  • SILSA History, Stephanie Reagan – College Prep Materials from &
  • SILSA Counseling, Aimee Boswell Nichols – Transportation and Snacks for PBIS Events
  • AHS English, Steve Shell – Library of Books and eBooks
  • AHS/SILSA ART, Natalie Davis – Camera to document student work
  • AHS/SILSA CTE, Laura Westbrook – Healthy Life Simulator
  • AHS/SILSA CTE, Jacqueline Brown – Various Small Kitchen Appliances
  • AHS/SILSA Art, Emily Talley – Private Session Scholarships
  • AHS/SILSA Art, Jonathan Bass – Private Session Scholarships
  • AHS Science, Dacia Harris – Lab Supplies
  • SILSA PM Academy, David Kotchmar – Snacks for participating students
  • SILSA Science, Polk Deters – Various Mammal Skulls
  • AVID English, Michelle Greener – Books to help Jumpstart a Reading Buddies Program
  • AHS/SILSA ESL, Hannah Palmer – Textbooks for ESL Students
  • SILSA History, Michelle Almeida – “Its My Party” Supplies
  • AHS Science, Brian Shultz – Lab Materials
  • AHS/SILSA CTE, Kimberly Hill – HOSA Competition Expense
  • AHS Science, Ted Williams – Lab Materials and other items
  • AHS Counseling, Lee Lobin – Items for a Mentoring Program
  • AHS/SILSA CTE computer engineering, Luke Shofestal – Materials for 3D Printer
  • SILSA English, William Ringer – AP Test Prep Books
  • AHS/SILSA Art, Claudia Haun – Replace Art Dept. Sound System
  • AHS/SILSA Art, Amanda McCombs – Art Supplies
  • AHS/SILSA EC, Mindy McCormick – Supplies to support EC students
  • AHS/SILSA CTE, Susan Jayne – Supplies for Entrepreneuship Class
  • SILSA Social Studies, Rhian Nevergold – Subscription to History Alive!
  • AHS History, Jacob Kerber & Lizzie Rodgers – Field Trip to International Civil Rights Center & Museum
  • AHS Social Studies, Bart Murphy – 44 copies of King Leopold’s Ghost
  • AHS/SILSA Dance, Caroline Althef – Reusable Dance Costumes
  • AHS/SILSA ROTC, Jesse Warren – Transportation, food & event costs for out of town drill meets
  • AHS/SILSA Vocational Woodworking, Chris Randall – Supplies for Student Projects
  • AHS/SILSA PE & Track Team, Rocky Cunningham – Track Uniforms and Meet Expenses

The AHS / SILSA PTO Mini-Grants are made possible by donations from members of our school community. There is still time to donate to this year’s Stay at Home Fundraiser. All contributions go directly to funding mini-grants and supporting AHS/SILSA students, faculty and families.

Please consider donating today. All gifts are greatly appreciated. Donate online here! Or you may mail your contribution to:

c/o Laura Stone
386 Kimberly Ave.
Asheville, NC 28804

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